Della Lamb Elementary Charter School

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Organization and History
School Founded By: Della Lamb Community Services
Date of Implementation: June 14, 1999
Current Number of Students: 596, as of December 2012
School Type: Year-Round Elementary Charter School
Sponsoring Agency: University of Central Missouri
Approved Application: April 14, 1999
Current Grades Served: Kindergarten - 8th grade

Teacher/Student Ratio
1:15 in Kindergarten and 1st Grade Classes
1:16 in 2nd through 8th Grade Classes

Respect, High Expectations, and Success for All - Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff

Mission Statement
Della Lamb Elementary Charter School seeks to create long-term educational and economic impact in the lives of low-income, at risk, disadvantaged children and families by providing alternative educational and academic services in conjunction with supplemental family support services in a Missouri Charter School format. DLECS is committed to offer to the students it serves a liberal education through its use of the Core Knowledge Curriculum Sequence and the Direct Instruction Basic Skills Curriculum.

Geographic Area Served
Urban core, Inner-City Kansas City, Missouri and Residents of the KCMO School District

*DLCS Purchased a 24,000 sq ft Facility at 1000 Charlotte; Renovated; and Installed State-of-the-Art   Playground Equipment
*Kindergarten and 1st Grade Served at 500 and 406 Woodland
*2nd grade through 5th Grade Served at 1000 Charlotte
*6th, 7th and 8th Grade Students are Served at 3608 St. John Ave.
*Central Office Administration Located at 500 Woodland
*Satellite DLCS Social Services Facilities Near the School
*Ongoing Technology Developed In-House with Up-to-Date Computers and Networking
*Technology Program on Networked Computers and Internet Access Available for Students and   Teachers daily
*Ongoing Library Development
*Gymnasium Facility Located at 406 Woodland

School Hours
8:10 am - 4:00 pm K - 5th grades
7:30 am - 2:55 pm 6th - 8th grades

Free Door-to-Door Transoportation Provided Daily

Instructional Program Overview
*Back to Basics Curricula: SRA Direct Instruction and Core Knowledge
*Research Based Curricula Documenting National Academic Success with High Needs, Low-Income, at
  Risk Elementary Students


Public School Choice Notice

         Per the October 2008 Title I Regulations, districts are required to display notice of parental rights to Public School Choice for Schools in Need of Improvement on the school's website.

         Della Lamb Charter School is a Charter School LEA with one attendance center. Therefore there are not available schools for student transfers.

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